Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Studying Rocks!

Smart people like to listen to rock, apparently. "Those questioned said they often used the music as catharsis by playing the loud agressive music to literally jump out frustration and anger."

Funny, that's exactly the same reason why I play things like Quake 3 these days - gotta be better than going out and punching someone, innit? Anger's, like, natural. The trick isn't to supress the anger through drugs or religion. It's to control the venting of that anger, like directing a hose.

Shame, then, that we "understand" anger and depression as "negatives" rather than necessities these days. As Psyblog puts it, "Ultimately we don't often hear the simple message that it's OK to be depressed sometimes. It's not pleasant, but it's part of being human."

Of course, the frustration of being smart is an odd thing, too. Can we expect more and more rock music as more people get shoved into further education? :)

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