Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Meek Call For Papers

I've had this idea in my head for a little while, but haven't made much headway in working out how to really make any headway on it, so thought I'd just post and see. I've been thinking about a Reality Hacker [maga]zine - basically a collection of articles in Phrack style. I have a few ideas for possible article subjects, but am aware that no way am I going to get this done by myself. Thus, I'm on the scrounge for anyone else that thinks they might be interested in writing something. If there's enough interest, maybe it could become some kind of quasi-regular thing, even.

Topics accepted are pretty broad - I've also believed that Reality Hacking is a way of looking at things, and isn't something to be particularly constrained merely by subject, However, there are plenty of computer hacking zines out there, so no need to go over that ground unless it's particularly... "non-techy". But otherwise, anything from enhancing the self to subverting adverts to an in depth look at some particular system. All suggestions welcomed.

E-mail address to send stuff to, even if it's just a show of interest: hackreal =at= exmosis =dot= net

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